About us

David Pipola

“Have fun – be aware – take care”

Communication specialist (trainer of the Swiss Army)
Council Guide Trainer
currently on his Master for organizational management

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Annika Ullrich

“The two most important days in your life are
  the day you are born and
  the day you find out why.
                                                                     – Mark Twain”

After more than 25 years in the financial services industry, I followed my real purpose and gave up my management role. This with the deep knowledge that leadership and humanity do not have to be controversies. I am an advocate of Fréderic Laloux’s TEAL approach and I agree that organizations are living organisms too. In the business world, the time has come for real self-organization, holistic thinking and real purpose. I would be happy to help you design new approaches for your company.

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Carmen Pipola-Steinger

“Unity, Sustainability, equal rights, caring for each other – this is what I stand for

Carmen Pipola Steinger has her degrees in Spiritual care,
Systemic constellation work and Trauma & transformation coaching. As an educated bookkeeper she worked many years as CFO in shipping, travel and production companies. She has been trained as organisational developer, agile coach, project management and process consulting.

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