Systemic Constellation Work

A powerful tool to establish new ways of decision-making and action

Every system has its own laws and rules that impact
everything. In this workshop you will learn to be aware
of these laws. Systemic constellation work is a powerful
solution-oriented tool to understand and use the laws
constructively to change a system. It supports the opening
of human minds and perceptions in order to understand the
impact of action and reaction inside a system. Furthermore
it helps discovering and resolving the root causes for
conflicts in organisations.

You will leave the workshop with a wider understanding for
system effectiveness and you get a simple and powerful
tool to create an impact. Understanding the system laws will
change your behaviour and awareness in your daily life.

Systematic Constellation Work for Source traumatic issues

Find out what is still working in the depths and imposing you unconscious patterns.

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Training in systemic constellation work including soil.skills

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