Systemic constellation work

19.05.2018 – ebbf ethical business building the future in Geneva

Systemic constellation workshop

a powerful tool to establish new ways of decision-making and action

Every system has its own laws and rules that impact
everything. In this workshop you will learn to be aware
of these laws. Systemic constellation work is a powerful
solution-oriented tool to understand and use the laws
constructively to change a system. It supports the opening
of human minds and perceptions in order to understand the
impact of action and reaction inside a system. Furthermore
it helps discovering and resolving the root causes for
conflicts in organisations.

You will leave the workshop with a wider understanding for
system effectiveness and you get a simple and powerful
tool to create an impact. Understanding the system laws will
change your behaviour and awareness in your daily life.

Trauma constellation workshop

10. – 11. November 2018 in Basel

Find out what is the route cause in your system which binds a lot of energy
and how you can do something about it.

Find out more – please contact us.

Education in systemic work

22. – 24. November 2018 – Hamburg  – 4th Workshop of the Education I

New Education planned for Autumn 2018 – near Frankfurt – please contact us for more details and application process.