Our main projects:

Be of service to accompany managers and business owners

2014 – 2016 Project lead for the implementation of a new financial software worldwide including implementing new processes.

2010    MBO of a production company, including all personnel and law issues like recruitement, new contracts, personnel planning, harassment claims, create internal process and organisational documents.

2009    Evaluation of processes for new finance and salary software for a transport company (CH, F, NL, USA), teaching of employees

2008 – 2009    Optimization for the credit management with adaptation and new developments of all process steps including implementation in IT, teaching of employees.

2007 – 2008    Fusion of three company’s into one with all process steps.

2006 – 2007    Organization development: change from the pioneer phase in the differentiation phase.

2007    Implementation of a new salary software due the new wage statement.

2006    VAT-project: implementation in IT and leading of workshops in NL, F, CH about the CH und EU VAT handling.

2005 – 2006    Process-project: optimization of intern allocation within the branches and within diverse national organizations.

2004 – 2006    Interim management of a production company for chemical and technical products.

2004 – 2006    Accompany a succession plan, including restructuring a family business.

2004    IT + finance: accompany and construction of a new MIS-Structure and the fitting implementation including training.

2003 – 2004    Assisting start-up of a Business with a new finance product

2002 – 2003    Project lead: Evaluation und implementation of a new finance software including reorganization of the processes.

2001    construction of internal services for an internet company- creation an implementation of automated processes for the production and the accounting